INFOTRON designs and manufactures helicopter-type vertical take-off and landing counter-rotating rotor UAVs.

The IT180 is powered by a 46cc two-stroke engine (IT180-5 TH) or by an electric motor (IT180-3 EL). The heat-engine version can carry a top-mounted or underslung payload of up to 5 kg (3 kg for the electric version). The UAV’s symmetrical build combines higher performance with proven reliability, making the IT180 less vulnerable to weather conditions such as wind, rain, etc.

The IT180 family of UAVs is built to a special, patented structural design, has a maximum speed of 90 km/h, a flight ceiling of 3,000 m, and over 2 hours endurance, which establish it as the benchmark in the mini-UAV market. INFOTRON’s IT180 family of UAVs achieves high operational safety with a multiple array of onboard sensors controlled by integrated software that keeps it in contact with the base station over a secure three-way radio link. The avionics simplify handling by translating commands from the operator into flight controls. The autopilot mode lets the operator focus his or her attention on the gyro-stabilized camera (daylight optics, infrared or dual optical sensor) over the observation area, while the camera’s focal power (x36 zoom lens) and stability provide the tools for making immediate and effective threat assessments from up to 10 km away.


IT180-5 TH IT180-5 EL
Engine 2-Temps 46 cm³ DC Brushless
Rotor diameter 1,8m
Empty weight 14kg
Payload 5kg 3kg
Maximum speed 90km/h
Maximum ceiling 3000m
Endurance 90 minutes 30 minutes
Flight mode Manual, Automatic, Terrain following
Radio link 869 MHz - 1,3 GHz - 2,4 GHz
Automatic operation Take-off, Flight, Landing

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